The team at IAC Berlin manages the Bosch Alumni Network, a social networking platform which connects fellows, grantees and employees of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and its partners,  They wanted to communicate, to both is new and current members, their mission to support them as agents of change in the world as well as the specific utility of the platform itself.  I developed the concept of creating a how-to-image film that follows a member’s experience utilizing the platform to launch an international project. I handled the production of film from carefully developing the script and storyboard to capture their organization’s ethos, to casting and recording voice talent.  I managing design, animation, editing and the finally delivery of the completed animated film.

Client: IAC Berlin
Tobias Gerber
Lucie Menz
Design: Jaroslaw Kaschtalinski
Speaker: Helen Choi
Audio mix: Elias Koraus