Falling Walls Engage’s mission is to inspire and connect individual science communicators and organisations who actively involve the public in the scientific discussion.  In 2021 they commissioned Rokia Ballo, Researcher in Science and Technology Studies at the University College London to write a perspective review called “Engaging the Excluded.” It investigates the scientific community’s relationship with marginalized groups.  I was asked to create short film that would both broadly summarize and act as an invitation to read the longer in-depth academic paper.  Together with the team at Falling Walls Engage and Rokia herself, I crafted a concept and script that would carry the core concepts covered by the paper in a compact and engaging manner.


Client: Falling Walls Engage
Niklas Marzinek
Ana Faustino
Based on paper by Rokia Ballo
Speaker: Alyssa Grace
Audio recording and mix: Mathis Peckedrath