I have worked as a freelance After effects artist for nearly 20 years as both an independent artist and a valuable team member in studios or agencies. I specialize in live action retouching, green screen compositing, CGI compositing, motion graphics animation and have used these skill to realize countless projects for film, television, advertising and interactive installations. I am always eager to help clients, agencies and studios achieve their vision. If you need a hand feel free to get in contact.

I have produced, animated and directed several explainer films for both non-profit and commercial clients. Storytelling and education have always been a personal interest and passion so I have focused my development process on finding the story and structure needed to keep the viewer engaged and entertained while still carrying the client’s message loudly and clearly. I take a project from concept to finished film managing script, storyboards, design, audio and naturally animation. If needed I am also able to expand by bringing together a team of talented artists to match the project’s scope and budget. Every great project starts with a talk, get in contact

I offer professional training workshops in After Effects for agencies and private clients.  I tailor the workshop specifically to the clients needs offering programs that focus on Storytelling, Film Communication, Animation, Basic and Advance After Effects training, Character Animation and Special tools. I truly enjoy sharing knowledge about animation technique and craft with others. If you are interested in expanding your skills get in contact.